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Spring Cleaning Week


Spring cleaning activities are in full force at The Madison Senior Living Kansas City, MO. The plant operations team is busy washing windows, cleaning fixtures, and organizing storage locations. We try to keep our common areas clean year around, but floors in those areas end up with salt buildup from the snow removal. We always make it a point to give them a good scrubbing at the end of winter.


One of the benefits of spring cleaning is it marks a time when we can reflect on areas that were not on the top of our mind. It gives us an opportunity to reset our behaviors. Too often we get into a routine and start taking things for granted. It is good that we stop on occasion and consider our actions and thoughts.


Besides cleaning my house and workspace this is a great opportunity to refresh my home budget and evaluate my health. I would like to get a handle on what I've done well and areas I could do better. Spring is a great time to make new starts with all kinds of opportunity.