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Memory Care HERstory


My name is Cassie Hayes, and I’m the memory care director here at The Madison Senior Living. In honor of Women’s History Month, I want to take a moment to celebrate Georgia, one of our neighborhood residents! 


Georgia W. is a female resident in our neighborhood whose story is interesting. When Georgia was young, she was involved in a terrible accident which required extensive facial reconstructive surgery. She decided to overcome her fear of swimming after her surgery, and that’s how she met her husband Michael, who was a diver. Georgia became a certified scuba diver in 2000 and traveled around the world with Michael on live-aboard dive boats. Her favorite place to dive is the Bahamas.


It is important to honor the stories and history of individuals with dementia, because in order to truly care for an individual in the most compassionate, genuine way, we need to understand their history before the disease. With knowledge about the resident's life, we have the tools to guide them through daily life in the most authentic and caring way possible.


In the Madison Neighborhood, we connect individuals living with dementia to their personal history by reminiscing as a group and making connections with our neighbors. My staff and I love to find similarities between residents as an encouraging way to guide and build their relationships with each other.


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